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Pool Maintenance and Supplies

Universal Pools are your experts for all pool care and maintenance. Our experts have the knowledge to assist you in keeping your pool looking spectacular living up to the backyard oasis you have in mind. Along with expert installation, our retail store houses all the supplies you will need including the exclusive pool care line, POOLIFE products. Here are some of the most essential products and sampling of what we offer in the store. Please call or stop in to see all we have or if you are looking for a specific product.

Shock Treatments
Shock treatments are treatments used to destroy any organic contaminants in your pool. It is somewhat of an “elixir” for the pool and is a great form of preventative maintenance for your pool.

Algae are tiny plant organisms that react with sunlight and carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis. It can be brought to your pool from multiple sources including wind, trees, rain, or any weather events. Algae on your pool can harbor bacteria, emit odor, and cause stains and discoloration. It also ruins the beauty and aesthetic of any pool. Algaecides can be one time or long-lasting treatments. They kill existing algae and can help prevent future algae.
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Balancing the water in your pool is one of the most important steps in pool maintenance. Proper PH and alkaline levels keep your equipment and mechanisms from corrosion, prevent skin and eye irritation to swimmers, and increase enjoyment of your pool. Unbalanced PH levels can also decrease the effectiveness of other pool chemicals such as sanitizers. For healthy and safe pool water, the ideal PH level is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Calcium Hardeners
Maintaining a calcium hardness level of 200 and above is recommended for your pool water. Falling below 200 in calcium hardness can be corrosive to metal and plaster surfaces. Calcium hardeners assist in maintaining the proper levels.

Stain Stops and Stain Lifters
Even with all the prevention and care, stains and discoloration can happen due to any number of factors. Stain lifters and stain stops remove and protect against stains due to copper, iron, rust, silicon zinc, and more.

Filter Cleaners and Enzymes
Keeping your filter clear and functioning is among the more essential aspects of your pool care. A filter cleaner makes this simple by breaking down caked on oils and minerals that build up on the filter. Enzymes remove scum and protect the filter from future build up. Using these treatments in tandem brings your filter back to running like a never-used filter.
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